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Floating Pond Fountains and Aerators

The sound of splashing water from an outdoor pond fountain or waterfall into a pond and the reflection of light on the water creates a serene environment in your pond or garden. Here at Discount Pond Shop, we have helped customers turn their ponds into beautiful water features with amazing lighting! Our site contains a lot of valuable tips and information to help you in choosing the right pond fountain and maintaining a healthy pond. As a first step, visit our pond resource page, for valuable information, articles, tips and how to blogs and videos that can help you with your water gardening project.

Solar Pond Fountains and Aerator Kits

We’ve designed our very own solar pond aerator kits and fountains. Adding a solar aerator allows you to get much needed oxygen into ponds that are off the grid. We have solar aerators that come with or without batteries and in various sizes. Our solar pond fountains are available in a 1/2 and 1/3 HP size. 

Choosing The Proper Size Fountain Pump

We realize choosing the right size fountain pump can be confusing, so we created a pond sizing chart! We are always trying to improve our website to help our customers purchase the right product, but if you can’t find the information you need on our website and need additional assistance with your project, we are happy to help! Just give us a call. Our prices, old fashion customer service and warranties are unbeatable!

Our Trusted Brands

We have hundreds of pond fountains, pond fountain supplies, pond aerators, sub surface aerators, waterfall pumps, and pond maintenance products. We also have a full selection of LED fountain and pond lights that are guaranteed to turn heads! Our manufacturers include: PondSelect Fountains, Pond Max, Jebao Pump, Vanguard, Scott Aerator, Franklin Electric Pump, Kasco, Microbe Lift and Ultra Clear Pond Supplies.

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