How to Choose a Pond Fountain

Floating pond fountains are a great way to add beauty and tranquility to your backyard pond or lake. Fountains will increase the level of oxygen in your pond, in turn reducing algae blooms and muck. The level of oxygen your pond needs is a big question, so knowing the size, shape and depth of your pond will help you in deciding which aeration system is right for you. Knowing how to choose a pond fountain size can seem confusing, this article will give you the necessary information you need to make an informed decision.

The Six Foot Pond Depth Rule

Ponds or lakes that are deeper than six feet deep will not typically be aerated properly by a pond fountain. Proper aeration in a pond is achieved when the entire body of water is being circulated. Pond fountains use a pump to spray water up into the air, which is different than a pond aerator or sub-surface aeration system. The latter two systems are designed to aerate your entire pond, while a fountain pump pulls water from closer to the surface.

These three systems: a fountain pump, a pond aerator, or a sub-surface air diffuser, are your main options when looking into adding a unit to your pond. So if you’re looking for something decorative, and aeration isn’t the primary reason for adding one of these units a pond fountain is the system for you!

If you need your entire pond aerated, we offer some great pond aeration systems that are recommended for deeper ponds. With a unit like this, air is pumped through diffusers that sit at the bottom of your pond. The air bubbles rise through your pond and will help keep it oxygenated.

Outdoor Floating Fountain Sizing

When choosing a fountain for an outside pond there are two terms that you will see when looking for your pump, horsepower (HP) and gallons per hour (GPH). Horsepower rating is what you’ll be primarily interested when looking for a fountain. Gallons per hour is a metric that is used for aerating your pond.

Fountain Horsepower Rating

Pond fountain pump sizes range from 1/3 HP to as high as 5 HP. Knowing the size of your pond and how tall you’d like your spray patterns to be from your fountain will help you in deciding which size you’d like. Look for the spray dimension information sections on all the fountains we offer.

We’ve put together four pictures of fountain pump horsepower sizes to give a good illustration on the spray pattern differences. The 1/3 HP, 1 HP, and 2 HP fountains are members of our Signature Series fountains and have the Gusher nozzle. The 5 HP image is of Kasco’s J Series fountain using the Redwood nozzle. Different nozzles will give much different dimensions, but this illustration shows the increase in height of similar nozzles based on horse power rating.

fountain pump sizing charts

Pond Shape and Aeration

Having a uniquely shaped pond is awesome. Having an island or cove adds to the natural aesthetic, but can restrict water circulation. Make sure you are taking into account any irregular shapes of your pond when looking into a fountain. Multiple types of pond systems, or fountains might be necessary for proper aeration. Something to keep in mind: over aerating your pond is not possible, but under-aerating is.

If you’re looking for light aeration and a decorative addition to your backyard pond or lake, a floating pond fountain is perfect for you! If your needs are more on the aeration side there are great options for you as well. Check out our blog on properly sizing a pond aeration system to get an understanding of what it is, how they work, and if these systems are right for your pond!

Sizing Chart For Decorative Fountains

Making sure you choose a properly sized fountain pump for your pond is crucial for two reasons. First, the right pond fountain will give you the maximum amount of aeration that is possible for the unit. Second, the spray pattern will look appropriate for the pond that it is placed in. This chart takes the guess work out of choosing, and you can simply pair your pond to the unit’s horse power size.

*Important: This floating fountain pump sizing chart uses surface acres as the metric for Pond Size.*

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