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Solar Pond Aerators & Aeration Kits

Our solar aeration systems are professionally designed and engineered. Extensive research and testing was performed to test component integrity and functionality. We are able to offer our systems at affordable prices because of our in-house design and quality testing. There’s no outsourcing with our systems, that would only drive up our system’s cost. Capture the power of the sun with our solar pond aeration kits to keep your operating costs low and minimizing your ecological footprint.

Made in the US and come with industry standard warranties. We offer these solar powered pond aerators with or without batteries. Give us a call if you have any questions about our solar systems, we’re happy to help!

All Solar Aeration Systems

From: $4,495.00

Solar Pond Aerator with Battery Backup

Off-Grid Solar Kit for Ponds Less than 10′ Deep

From: $2,995.00

Solar Pond Aerator without Batteries

Small Solar Powered Pond Aerator Without Batteries


Solar Pond Aerator with Battery Backup

Off-Grid Solar Kit for Ponds Less Than 8′ Deep

From: $2,295.00

Reliable Solar Powered Pond Aerators

Like we stated above, we created these aeration systems ourselves! That's why we're able to sell them at such a reasonable price. We use incredibly durable and reliable materials in these kits, and the warranties that we offer are at or exceed industry standards. We've got the best prices, the best materials, and the best warranties.

Convenience of Solar Aeration

Getting electricity to remote ponds or community lakes that are off the grid can be time consuming, unpractical and extremely expensive! When presented with these situations, investing in a solar powered aeration system can save costs. If your pond's location requires trenching and setting up more electrical service, choosing to go solar for aeration could save you weeks or months of set up time.

The Benefits of Pond Aeration

Identifying a stagnant body of water is pretty easy. Ponds or lakes without proper circulation usually have a foul odor, pesky insects, and muck. Using an aeration system to oxygenate your pond's water results in a healthier pond ecosystem. The constant exchange of oxygen with your pond water will result in lower instances of algae blooms, insects, and fish kills. Choosing to aerate with a solar system allows you to keep the electricity costs to a minimum by using the sun!

How Do These Pond Aerators Work?

With these units, we use a lot of the same components that a standard pond aeration system uses. The systems begin with a solar panel that is to be mounted on a post that can be adjusted to capture optimal sunlight. The energy that is generated by the solar panel is then used to power the air compressor that is included in each solar aeration package. We are currently using a few different air compressors with these packages, pairing the optimal compressor to the right system. These systems will run for about 10-12 hours per day in good conditions. Adding any type of aeration system to your pond or lake is going to increase its lifespan. With the rise of affordable alternative energy sources, it is easier to stretch your dollar to accomplish the goal of a healthy pond ecosystem.